Zhang Jinghua Pointed Out: To Ensure The Success Of Safe Flood And Drought

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5 11, the city's flood control and drought prevention work session, the implementation of provincial flood and drought prevention work conference, summing up the analysis of the situation, the deployment of the task. Zhang Jinghua pointed out that flood control and anti-drought work is related to the reform, development and stability, is related to people's lives and property, all concerned departments to understanding, measures, responsibility to ensure the safety of the flood season, the successful drought. Paint and do the work of the highest mountain over the deployment.

Zhang Jinghua said in his speech, for flood control and drought relief, we must first have a thorough understanding. All localities and departments concerned to firmly establish "constructive emphasis on prevention, anti-heavy in the rush" concept, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and a sense of crisis, always tighten the string of flood and drought prevention, any place, any time shall not be underestimated, paralysis no, really plan ahead and unremittingly.

Zhang Jinghua pointed out that flood control and drought work, the key to the measures in place. To grasp the construction of a building, to further increase capital investment, to ensure durability on schedule to complete the construction task, every effort to flood prevention work. Second, we must carry out flood risks in depth disposal, flood control and security affecting the focus of risky sections, to formulate a reinforcement program, earnestly implement the contingency plans for flood prevention, to ensure that no any problems. Third, we must continue to improve forecasting and warning system plans to enhance the operability plan, high priority and adequate water regime, and the forecast of rain Communicate Security work vigorously to strengthen early warning systems and infrastructure, and improve the relevant mechanisms. Fourth, we should conscientiously do a good job and team building material storage, grading and implement flood prevention materials to further enhance the flood control Rescue Team building, strengthening training exercises to improve combat capability. 5 to integrated flood and drought prevention work, strict implementation of flood control scheduling order, scheduling optimization of water resources management, co-ordinate all aspects of water demand, water quality monitoring and water scheduling, strict precautions against sudden Water Pollution Event. In addition, relevant information to the public in a timely manner, to accept the public supervision of the work for the flood and drought create a good social atmosphere.

Zhang Jinghua emphasized flood control and drought relief, be sure to place the responsibility. Governments at all levels must strengthen leadership, the full implementation of the responsibility, really meticulous thinking, responsibility is not part of leakage, measures a grasp in the end, the losing command of the last, truly leaving no leave no loopholes . All localities and departments should pool efforts, flood control headquarters and relevant staff members of units to strictly implement the flood flood duty and leadership with class system, duties, work together. Flood control and discipline to be serious, in Shifang Zhi's flood prevention work carried out under the unified command, firmly instructed by their supervisors to effectively make information flow, curried, command in place to ensure this year's flood prevention task is successfully completed.

Paint Crown Hill in his speech said, we must strengthen their flood and drought prevention work this year, the sense of responsibility and urgency, to promote the key water conservancy projects, a comprehensive approach to security risk risky sections, attached great importance to the safety of reservoirs, to ensure urban flood control, and carry out non-engineering measures, flood control and drought persist in both hands, and strictly implement the responsibility system for flood and drought, flood and drought prevention efforts do all the work this year.

Meeting, county (city) District, Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone were submitted to the 2010 municipal flood and drought prevention work responsibilities like.

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Zhang Jinghua Pointed Out: To Ensure The Success Of Safe Flood And Drought

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This article was published on 2010/09/26